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The possibility to digitally design impossible structures has been around for quite a while, and so has the computational software to verify it. With some time and effort creativity could flow and one could design amazing structures. But, how do we then manufacture it? During the last few years, the technology has taken big leaps. And it starts to get very interesting when new innovative manufacturing techniques starts to be able to realize advanced structures. AND when new software starts to learn how to design for manufacturing. When these two parts overlaps, we can create never seen mechanical designs! Take CAD, FEM, CAM and a bunch of AI, stir around and give it to a skilled engineer and designer. Voilà!

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Evoe have the honor to work with a very dedicated team at Nilar to develop the next big thing in energy storage. A battery is true multiphysics in a (polymer) nutshell. The mechanics in a battery have close interfaces towards electronics, chemistry, atmosphere, and real humans.



The Sámi people are the people inhabiting Sápmi, which today encompasses large northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. Karesuandokniven are making traditional Sami knifes and axes by hand. How can you add something to a product that is engineered by a people? You can not. But the product will continue to evolve, and with a lot of humbleness and respect of the nature and the people, Evoe are joining the process. Back to the roots. With (very warm) silk gloves help to take these products to new height.


CHIMI x Karesuandokniven


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